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Yachts to consider - Matt & Catherine Riley

(Client comments)

Here is a little more about us. My husband Matt and I have two young boys (ages 6 and 4) and we are looking to purchase a sailboat to liveaboard and cruise full-time. We plan on purchasing within the next 6 months – 1 year. We live in Phoenix, AZ, and are planning to come to CA March 8 - 13 to look at boats. Although we have never been full-time cruisers, we do have sailing experience. We have chartered several boats over the years (both catamaran and mono-hull) and sailed the Caribbean and CA coast. We are considering mono-hull and catamarans, but realize that CA has a very limited catamaran supply and do not expect to see any catamarans on our visit next month. Here are some of the items that we're looking for in a mono-hull... Mono-hull:

For our upcoming trip to CA, we'd be interested in seeing the boats below. We know this is a long list, so we can certainly narrow this down if we need to. We were hoping to spend a total of 2 days looking at boats. 1 day in SD and another day in the MDR area. We will continue to look at YachtWorld for boats in the area over the next few weeks and share others that we'd be interested in seeing. Also, if you know of other blue water sail boats we'd be open to seeing them as well. Even if they're not currently on the market.

1979 Gulfstar 47 Sailmaster $275K

San Diego, CA


2006 Custom Steel Cutter $399K

San Diego, CA

1993 Hylas 49 $260K

Newport Beach, CA

1981 Nautor Swan 57 $249K

San Diego, CA

2006 Tayana 58 Deck Saloon $579K

San Diego, CA

(Client comment) yes way over our budget – but curious what this length boat is like. We could keep our eyes out for an older version of this boat

1990 Tayana 52 $169K

San Diego, CA


2008 Hanse 540e $397K

San Diego, CA

1978 CSY Pilothouse $89K

San Diego, CA (Mooring ball downtown)

1997 J 160 $399K

San Diego, CA

1987 Hans Christian 48 $159K

Marina Del Rey, CA

(Client comment) This boat is not ideal and a little small for us, but we’d like to see it to get a feel for the Hans Christian boats

(Client comments) We know these are not in southern CA, but we wanted to share because they are on the short list. This might give you a better idea of what we're looking for

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